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How We Got Here

In 1941 the McConnell and the Charboneau farms were transformed into a nine hole golf course, a project jointly financed by the Frank S. Harden Co. (Harden Furniture) and the Camden Wire Co. (International Wire). The conception and the planning came from the vision of Harry Harden, Charles Harden and Clarence Harden. The Charboneau Farmhouse served as the original Club House for over 20 years and in September of 1964 a cornerstone was installed in the foundation of the present Club House, in Memory of Harry A. Harden.

In 1967 plans were formulated for an additional nine holes when sixty-five acres of land became available through a generous donation by the Harden Family. This time the design was created by Pete Grygiel and Frank Clark and construction was completed in the latter part of 1969. This project was sponsored by many membership pledges and the support from Harden Furniture, Inc..

Over the years the course has experienced many changes and continuous improvements. Since 1991, the entire membership contributes annually to an "Assessment" Fund focusing on Capital Improvements. Projects such as enlarged tees, new greens and critical course drainage have all been possible thanks to the support of the membership.

In the Fall of 1998, a brand new Tee to Green watering system was put on the entire front nine as well as holes #16-18. In the spring of 2003, this project was completed on holes #10-15.

Today, McConnellsville is considered one of the finest facilities in Central New York and tomorrow is even more promising. The Pro Shop is headed up by PGA Professional, Brian Netti. The long-time Superintendant of Grounds is John Shannon. The restaurant manager is Jenny Shannon-Kimball. To all the members at McConnellsville, Thank You!


(Not subject to sales tax)
Dues Assess Chit Full Payment
Early Payment
By 2/13/16
Save 10%
Installment Plan
Family $1,777 $200 $200 $2,177 $1,999 $167
Single $1,288 $200 $200 $1,688 $1,559 $130
65+ as of 4/1/16
2-Person Household $1,339 $200 $200 $1,739 $1,605 $134
Single $1,029 $200 $200 $1,429 $1,326 $111
To 29 as of 4/1/16
2-Person Household $541 $200 $200 $941 $887 $74
Single $541 $200 $200 $941 $887 $74
To 39 as of 4/1/16
2-Person Household $823 $200 $200 $1,223 $1,141 $95
Single $644 $200 $200 $1,044 $980 $82
2-Person Household $1,288 $200 $200 $1,688 $1,559 $130
Single $1,029 $200 $200 $1,429 $1,326 $111
To 24
Single $411 N/A N/A $411 $370 N/A
High-School Student
1-Student $283 N/A N/A $283 $255 N/A
2-Students $464 N/A N/A $464 $418 N/A
3+ Students
(Price is per student)
$155 N/A N/A $155 $140 N/A
Social Membership $25 N/A N/A $25 N/A N/A

Each early paid or installment planwill receive three free greens fee passes. Installment plans are due on the first of each month or we will charge you via ACH transfer on the first of each month. Each membership purchased other than student memberships include a $200 grounds assessment in the dues.

2016 Chit Program

In 2013 we will begin a mandatory Chit Program for each membership purchased. It will be $200 per membership due by May 1, 2016. If you are on the dues installment plan the $200 is included to cover your chit.

Once your Chit is paid your account will be credited the $200 and you will be able to charge any food or beverage item during the season until your account reaches the $200, at that point you will be able to replenish your account if you would like.

Chit cannot be used for:
     Any member tournament entry fees
     Any outside tournament entry fees
     Any cart fees or guest green fees
     Any Pro Shop merchandise

The original $200 cannot be carried over to the 2017 season. If you have any questions on the Chit program, please call (315) 245-1000 ext. 299.