Join McConnellsville Golf Club today by calling 315-245-1157.

Each early pay or installment plan will receive 3 free greens fee passes. 

Please note: early pay discount only applies to dues. This does not include the assessment or chit. Installment plan payments will be set up to be automatically taken out of your checking account by an ACH withdrawal the first of each month starting in November.

Off Season Inquiries: (315) 795-5080

Membership Dues

TypeDuesAssessmentChitGhin**TotalEarly PayMonthly Plan
Resident Family$1.920$200$200$40$2,360$2,168$181
Resident Single$1,420$200$200$40$1,860$1,718$143
Resident Senior 2 Person$1,475$200$200$40$1,915$1,768$147
Resident Senior Single$1,150$200$200$40$1,590$1,475$123
Resident Junior (to 29)
2 Person
Resident Junior
(to 29) Single
Resident Junior (to 39)
2 Person
Resident Junior
(to 39) Single
2 Person
(-15% for 65+)
Non-resident Single
(-15% for 65+)
(to 24)

**GHIN is a separate, optional fee.


Lockers are available for $25 per locker + $2.19 tax. 

Storage is available for $25 + $2.19 tax. 

Golf Cart Packages

Platinum Card: Unlimited use of golf cart for the entire season for a couple (two people). $910 plus tax.
Gold Card: Unlimited use of golf cart for the entire season for one person. $630 plus tax.
Silver Card: Total of 30 single or 15 double rentals for 18 holes. Card will be punched for each use. $365 plus tax.
Bronze Card: Total of 15 single rentals for 18 holes. Card will be punched for each use. $220 plus tax.

Membership Form

Click here to download the dues sheet.


In 2013 we will begin a mandatory Chit Program for each membership purchased. It is $200 per membership due by the first of May. If you are on the dues installment plan the $200 is included to cover your chit.

Once your Chit is paid your account will be credited the $200 and you will be able to charge any food or beverage item during the season until your account reaches the $200, at that point you will be able to replenish your account if you would like.

Chit cannot be used for:

  • Any member tournament entry fees
  • Any outside tournament entry fees
  • Cart fees or guest greens fees
  • Pro-Shop merchandise

The original $200 cannot be carried over to the following season. If you have any questions on the Chit program, please call (315) 245-3919.


All payments can be remitted to:

McConnellsville Golf Club
PO Box 58
McConnellsville, NY 13401

Pro-Shop: 315-245-1157

Please make all checks payable to McConnellsville Golf Club, Inc.